Determining the lease cost is always a difficult activity.  I need to cover the costs of running and building the facility, yet make it accessible to aircraft owners owners like myself.  I'll also need to cover the cost for the KIWS lineman who will be moving our flying machines in and out of the hangar.  


  • Small singles                  $385 per month      
  • Light Twins                     $525 per month
  • Larger piston                   $595 per month
  • Turbo-Prob or jets           let's talk
Prices include 4 in or out requests from KIWS per month

Small Print

  • You'll be required to sign an indemnity agreement in order to move your plane into the hangar and for KIWS to move your plane
  • You'll be invoiced via e-mail and you'll make payments through WellsFargo electronic invoicing.